Fostering & AdoptingTRACK ONE

Track Color: Navy
  • fostering
  • Description: Whether you just want to learn more or are ready to sign up today, come learn more about foster care. Hear both about why children enter foster care and what they experience, and the process and requirements for being a foster parent. You’ll also hear about how others can and will support you as a foster parent. There will also be a time for you to ask your questions and learn what next steps you should take.
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MentoringTRACK TWO

Track Color: Light Blue
  • mentor
  • Description: This track is for those who are interested in being a stable adult in a child’s life but aren’t in a place to be their guardian or parent. A mentorship role can have a life-changing impact on a child, and even continues when a child in foster care changes homes. You have the opportunity to play a stable, guiding role in the life of a child who sees a lot of change. You will learn more about the importance of supporting a child in care and opportunities to mentor, provide short-term housing, and to be there for a child who could use a friend.
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Track Color: Pink
  • support
  • Description: We all know it takes a village to raise a child. No parent could do what they do without the help of babysitters, family, and friends – and this doesn’t change for families in foster care, it just might look a little different. This track is for folks who want to be involved in caring for children in foster care, but aren’t in the place to play a stable role in a child’s life. Learn about the valuable role you can play as a babysitter, support role for a family, or a volunteer for the organizations who work with children in foster care.
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Advocacy & MobilizationTRACK FOUR

Track Color: Green
  • advocacy
  • Description: You’re a big picture person. You can get a group of people together and lead the charge. This track is for you. This track will discuss how to mobilize your church or community around supporting children in care, and why foster care issues need community mobilization. We’ll also direct you to organizations focused on advocacy and policy issues surrounding foster care and adoption.
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