“Throughout history, Christians at their best have been known as those who defend the cause of the fatherless.”

– Jedd Medefind

Our Vision

A church for every child.

Every child in foster care has a name and a story, and every story matters to God. Due to a shortage of foster homes across the country, children in the foster care system are often placed outside of their community, moved around multiple times and are vulnerable to society’s most pressing issues. If even a fraction of churches raise up one Foster Family with a team of Support Friends, there will be more than enough loving homes to meet the need.

Our Mission

To provide a loving home for every child in foster care.

The Bible says God sets the lonely in families, so we know that He longs for children in foster care to be placed in loving, supportive homes. The Church is uniquely commissioned to this task. We inspire and equip local churches with tools, resources, and support that enables them to develop a sustainable, effective foster care ministry. Together, we are working toward the day when the list of children waiting for a home will be replaced with a list of families waiting to share their homes.


Our collective impact since 2015



Children in
Loving Homes


We’re working towards a day when there is a waiting list of families rather than a list of children in need of a home.

Our Story

Foster the City was launched in 2015 when a Social Worker challenged churches in the San Francisco Bay Area to address a growing deficit of foster homes. In the ensuing years, Foster the City has partnered with more than 250 churches and mobilized almost 2,000 households – as Foster Parents, Support Friends and Advocates.

As a result, hundreds of children have been welcomed into Foster the City homes. In 2021, Foster the City expanded beyond the Bay Area and today our dream is to see churches across the country become known as a community where abused and neglected children are cared for as beloved sons and daughters.