Philip Pattison

Executive Director

Kylie Middlebusher

Director of Operations

Dave Carlsen

Vision Team

Vivian Dorflinger

Director of Development

Ellie Egles

Director of Care & Culture

Stephanie Yu

Technical Ops Director

Renae Maloa-Taulealo

Donor Development

Kelsey Gann

Creative Director

Bay Area

Christine Ingebretson

Bay Area Regional Director

Britton Kendall

Director of Pathways

Anna Flores

South Bay Area Program Director

Christina Barkley

South Bay Area Director of Advocates

Renae Maloa-Taulealo

East Bay Area Program Director

Jessica Pattison

East Bay Area Director of Advocates

Yvonne Chew

West Bay Area Director of Advocates

Brittany Kirby

West Bay Area Program Director

Tara Hackett

North Bay Area Program Director

Deana Terrell

North Bay Area Director of Advocates


Ryan MacDonald

SoCal Regional Director

Lauren Wetzel

SoCal Program Director

Bethany Chang

Orange County Director of Advocates

Northern Nevada

Kate Schmidt

Northern Nevada Regional Director

Abby Mauser

Northern Nevada Program Director

Shelby Schmidt

Northern Nevada Director of Advocates