An app designed with your ministry in mind

You and your church care deeply for vulnerable children in your community. But you cannot do it alone. The Foster the City app has been custom designed to create stronger communities to say yes to more children in need.

This App will…

  • Make it easier for a Foster Family to request and receive support
  • Strengthen the connection between the Foster Family and Support Friends
  • Show an Advocate the progress, needs and status of their Foster Families and Support Friends
  • Hold all of your communication, calendar, training and resources in one intuitive place,
  • And ultimately, help us to become a community where no one is overlooked

“Our Support Friend team was messaging and engaged in prayer over the FTC App — so powerful to ALL be connected there and on the same thread.  Literally moments after foster mom posted a request for prayer in the messages, she got an email that her prayer was answered. PRAISE JESUS!”

Foster the City Support Friend

“Wow! I am just so curious how you all have been doing this ministry without the app?!  I am more excited to step into the Advocate role NOW than I was when we first hopped on this meeting.”

Foster the City Advocate

To take your first step, attend an Interest Meeting. 

We’re continuing to raise the necessary financial resources for ongoing app development and technical support for the Foster the City community. This app is being developed to remove barriers, create stronger communities and allow foster families to say yes to more children experiencing foster care. 

You could be a part of the team that helps to make this innovative app available to our Foster the City community. To learn more and to partner financially, click the GIVE button.