Our Journey to “Yes”

I remember learning in high school that there were so many children who were given up and needed families – either because their mother was

Build the Bed

IKEA holds a unique spot in my heart. It has never failed to offer me

A Unique Opportunity

In our experience, all bets are off on court days because there’s no way to

Beauty for Ashes

Isaiah 61:3 “to comfort all who mourn, and provide for those who grieve in Zion


As the heat of summer fades away, and the coolness of autumn slowly enters our

In the Hard and Holy

Nothing prepared me for the way I would fall in love with him. Given only

Counting the Costs

We sat next to each other at the County Orientation, and I felt it. My

Best Laid Plans

I hate being interrupted. When I’m reading a good book, telling a good story, or

The Power of Story

“They are both deaf or significantly delayed,” we were told. “They have no understanding of

Twirling Kurts

“NO!” she screamed. “I WANNA KURT!” I sat back on my knees and stared at