Join The Neighborhood.

The Neighborhood is a team of compassionate individuals and families who provide monthly financial support to make sure that each of our young neighbors have the love and support that they deserve. 

As part of The Neighborhood, your generosity would help to raise up more Foster Families and Support for Foster Families to meet a crisis right here in your community.

Can mobilize a team to provide critical support to a fostering family.

Can inspire and equip a family to open up their heart and home to a child in foster care.

Can empower a church to develop a vibrant ministry for families and children in foster care.

Give what you can for our young neighbors.

Give what you can for our young neighbors.

Foster the City is funded solely through financial partnerships with people like you.

Today, more children are entering into foster care because of abuse and neglect than there are homes that are ready to provide love and healing for them. Together, we can change that. Our vision is that one day we will see a waiting list of families rather than a waiting list of children in need of a home. Not only is this a great way to love our neighbor in need, but we believe that this is a powerful picture of the Gospel to a watching world. 

Your gift is a tax-deductible investment in the future of vulnerable children in your community.

Check and cash gifts can be made to “Foster the City” and mailed to 1172 Murphy Ave., Suite 232, San Jose, CA 95131.

We also accept other forms of financial gifts, such as stocks, crypto currency, and corporate matching. In addition, Foster the City can also be named as a beneficiary of legacy gifts, such as retirement plans, will, in memoriam gifts, family trust and estate, and qualified distribution through IRAs/donor-advisory funds. For more details, please contact

Your generosity matters.
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Impact Since 2015

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Here’s how we put your generosity to work.


Agency & Church Partnerships

Church Partnership Meetings, Digital and Print Resources for Partners, Promotion aimed at connecting with Churches and Agencies, Staff time devoted to establishing and developing our Church and Agency Partnerships, etc.



All expenses for Interest Meetings, Launch Meetings, special events, Social Worker Appreciation Events, Staff time devoted to planning, hosting and facilitating all events and meetings, etc.



Resources developed for Advocates, Staff time poured into Advocate health and success, Module Trainings, Coaching sessions, etc.



Dues/Fees, Contract Services, Office Space, Staff time devoted to administration, data integrity/security.



Staff time and material/resources devoted to financial partnerships, development, relationships, record-keeping, data integrity/security, etc.